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About Seven Daughters

Seven Daughters makes wines you can't wait to open - amazing flavors, each with its own distinctive style. Whatever moves you, there's a Seven Daughters wine that captures the feeling. We began with two winemaker's blends - a red and a white - each crafted with seven grape varietals for delicious, perfectly harmonized flavor. We then expanded our line to include Moscato, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

As our portfolio has grown, our philosophy remains the same: make wines you'll love to open, enjoy, and share!



Cabernet Sauvignon

Dinner with friends, a little something on the grill. Open a bottle of our Cab and drink in the amazing flavor of black currant, blackberries, coffee and - yes! - a hint of chocolate. When the wine flows,
so does the conversation.
Pairs with: Grilled meat and poultry.





A crisp fall evening, a summer afternoon on the patio – even a night spent watching reality TV with friends. Really and truly, our Chard goes with everything. Just a little bit dry with flavors of fresh pear, apple, and citrus, you'll want to open, enjoy,
and share!

Pairs with: Light pastas, cheese plates, and fish dishes.


Pinot Noir

Classic, but never conventional. Seven Daughters makes wines for the way you live – and our 'goes with everything' Pinot Noir is no exception. Paired with pasta, or served slightly chilled on its own, the bright fruit flavors instantly add a splash of color.

Pairs with: Pasta, meat, and game.

Click For Colorful Cocktails

Channel your inner mixologist. You love the Bellini, the mimosa and – of course – sangria. But there's more flavor and fun to be had! Try these amazing cocktails made with your favorite Seven Daughters wines.


Yellow Tail is Big Game Ready

Once a year, we come together to witness an event that is larger than life… the Big Game. For many fans, it's not just about the football - the commercials during the game are just as exciting.

This year, you'll see something different on the Big Game. You will see [yellow tail]. It's the first time in four decades a wine brand has entered the Big Game arena. Featuring our dynamic duo, the Yellow Tail Guy and his pal Roo, our new campaign will bring the fun to Big Game parties across the country!




This [yellow tail] Chardonnay is everything a great wine should be – vibrant, flavorsome, fresh and
easy to drink.


Peaches, melon and a touch
of vanilla Enjoy

With roasted chicken or a
picnic in the park




This [yellow tail] Shiraz is everything a great wine should be – vibrant, smooth, rich and easy to drink.

Red berries, spice and
liquorice Enjoy

With steak or in front of a roaring fire



Sweet Red Roo

This [yellow tail] Sweet Red Roo is everything a great wine should be – sweet, vibrant and easy to drink.

Sweet red berries, vanilla and
chocolate Enjoy

With a BBQ and your best mates



About Brut:

America's favorite California champagne, KORBEL Brut is light-tasting and refined, with a balanced, medium-dry finish. Enjoy lively aromas of citrus and cinnamon roll leading to crisp flavors of orange, lime, vanilla and a hint of strawberry. The varietal composition of Brut is Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, French Colombard and Pinot Noir with a dosage level of 1.0%.

Excellent With:

Chicken, seafood, pizza and Asian cuisines. A wonderful choice with fruits and mild cheeses.

Sizes Available:

187ml (crown or cork finish), 750ml, 1.5L and 3L



Silver — San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2015
Gold — Orange County Wine Competition, 2015
Gold / 93 points — Critics Challenge Wine Competition, 2015
Double Gold — Monterey Wine Competition
Best Buy, 86 Rating — 2014 Wine & Spirits


Sweet Rosé

This light and sweet bubbly is great to serve with appetizers such as cheese platters, and is the beverage to enjoy while watching football or preparing for the meal ahead.

Extra Dry

This crisp California champagne blends well with side dishes such as mashed potatoes and creamy casseroles.




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